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Edwardian Conservatory

Edwardian conservatories is a very popular style and with its clean classic lines of Edwardian, This conservatory is an ideal way to maximise the space inside your home. Edwardians are quite good as they allow you to have a separate place of the house for whatever you see fits it. It could be an extra lounge area for the parents to relax or it could be a play area for the kids. The possibilities are endless. It will be a nice warm feature during the winter and a cool place to be in the summer. The unique design of it will stand out and show your neighbours you have some style, the conservatory also has guttering so all the rain will be flushed straight down the drain. With a tiled roof, the whole conservatory is useable all year round. Have a look at our benefits page, see just how good the tiled roofs really are.

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Gable End Conservatory

Gable End Conservatories have a very good style and lets you have maximum space with its rectangular shape. You can do so many things with this style, having skylights is a very popular choice to allow more natural light into the conservatory. Space inside the conservatory means you can do all sorts of activities like watching tv as you can easily fit a sofa and a massive TV is this conservatory and still have some room for a mini fridge with drinks you like inside it. There are loads of modifications that can be made to this conservatory, Obviously, it is completely your choice on what you do to it but some of the things you can change are more beneficial to you. A lot of the changes you can make involve the roof and the recommended roof is a tiled one, but alterations can be made to make your conservatory experience better.

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Victorian Style Conservatory

This is an English design that if you guessed it originated in the Victorian times. The style is adaptable to any building shape and therefore makes it the better choice. Generally, Victorian styled conservatories have 3, 5 or 7 facets. The multifaceted design will give you a panoramic view of your garden and or surrounding areas. The style of the conservatory means that it looks amazing on older houses and a stylish addition to new builds. The more circular design gives the conservatory a very different look to all the others and if you like to be different than everyone else then this is the perfect one for you as it is still popular, it’s just no other conservatory is as round as this one and therefore will stand out from all the other designs. With the many different variations of our colours and styles, you can personalize it to look exactly how you want it. Whether you want it to blend in or stand out from your house, you can do both.

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Lean To Conservatory

This lean-to style is very popular as it is a very simple design and suits modern houses. It also has the ability to self-clean, as the rain comes down onto it, it will run down the roof and clear any dirt, leaves or debris that has been left behind. You also have the ability the personalize it with our many different colours and styles we offer so your conservatory can blend into your home, or not if you want it that way. This conservatory makes it easy to host BBQ’s and gatherings as it is very spacious, food can be left out inside the conservatory for people to just wondering as they please to get something. The conservatory can be for many uses, just let your imagination take the wheel.

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Edwardian Double Conservatory

This conservatory is a very adaptable one and no matter what height restrictions you might have that is no problem for this one, no matter if you live in a bungalow. It will be able to stay within the height restrictions a bungalow has. All of our conservatories are customizable so you can have whatever colours and styles you want you can be as bold and funky as you want to be. These conservatories are brilliant for hosting your own parties, gatherings and BBQ’s and is always better in the summertime, as the conservatory doors can be left open and people can go in and out of the house as they please. You can have all of the family and friends round to enjoy the summer evenings in the garden or sit inside your warm conservatory during the winter having a good old catch up. If you are interested in one of our conservatories please fill in a quote form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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